Escaping a date, your life depends on it

Last night a regular came in with a date. He always has a different woman. At first this one seemed nice, but by her third margarita she was headed to crazy town.

She waves me over,

“Isn’t he great? He’s great.”


“You better remember my name.”


“It’s Marcy and I’m the last woman he’s coming in here with. There will only be Marcy, there won’t be any others.”

I glance at him. He looks terrified. She continues,

“Marcy. Remember that. Marcy is the only woman. These are really good margaritas.”

3 thoughts on “Escaping a date, your life depends on it

  1. Very funny, Jess. A little sad too, though. I guess we are all tanking a little bit…
    Anyway, I like how you report, very concise, very pointed. You catch the essence of things that touch you.


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