You know you’re a good texter if you can do it on wheels going backwards dancing to the YMCA

When is the last time you went roller skating? Me? Twenty years ago. I was ten.

There has yet to be something that my little sister wants to do that I haven’t done. So when she told me she wanted to go roller skating I said,

“Sure!” I’ll worry about my tailbone later.

So yesterday we went roller skating. It was the most diverse crowd I’ve seen in awhile. Maybe it was this way twenty years ago, but I wasn’t a ten-year old interested in demographics.

There was a three-year-old girl on roller blades who kept lapping me. There were a million tweens, but just as many adults who did not seem to be attached to any children. I held onto my little sister’s hand or maybe she held mine, either way I kept bumping into her and I couldn’t seem to stop her from falling down. She said,

“You haven’t fallen yet.”

Famous last words I’m sure.

There was a middle aged couple in full pads and helmets. There were way too many people rollerskating and talking on the phone. That was NOT happening twenty years ago. If you have a death wish, try roller skating and texting. I saw a lot of bodies and phones fly through the air.

The most unexpected demographic were the older men. There were seven or so men in their forties to sixties who were there to Skate. I capitalized ‘skate’ because they were Serious. They only talked to each other about skating and they were doing all sorts of tricks and dance moves. All while wearing dad jeans.

There was also a strong police presence. They were not on roller skates.

I’m tall for my age. I’m not as old as I look,
but probably still too old for matching rollerblade outfits with my doll.


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