Less vacation but NO homework!

Two of my favorite outdoor activities are skiing and outdoor hot tubs. The hot tub this weekend was a little small, but I didn’t let that stop me, nor did anyone else. There were eight people crammed into a tub that would comfortably seat four.

When you’re sandwiched between half-naked people you don’t know, small talk is a necessary evil. I was squished between seven young teenage girls. High school small talk is somewhat better than adult small talk. 
They go around exchanging ages:
“Fourteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen BUT almost fourteen.”
I’m ready to declare thirty-and-a-half, but no one’s interested. They continue,
“What classes are you in?”
“I have a drumming class.”
“I’m in a theater class.”
“Are you going to take any AP classes?”
“I wish vacation wasn’t almost over.”
“I wonder what it’s like when you have a job and you don’t get lots of vacation.”
I didn’t know this was a thing.

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