Fashion first

It was a very hot weekend. I thought about skiing in my red bathing suit which matches my equipment. A snazzy ski outfit is close to being a requirement.

I want to buy new skis so I decide to demo some. The woman in line ahead of me to pick up rentals declares,

“I’ll try these, they match my outfit.”

My outfit is RED. The sales associate pulls out a pair of skis for me. They are PINK. My eyes hurt looking at them next to my jacket. I decide I can suck it up for a day and who knows, maybe I’ll want the skis and I’ll have to start wearing head to toe pink. I’m not opposed.

On the lift my friend looks at my skis and says,

“There’s a lot of propaganda going on there.”


“Do you see what they say?”

My feet are far enough away from my head that I can’t read them without my glasses. She continues,

“They say ‘All-terrain rocker, supermodel series.'”

“Oh dear.”

“And what’s that in the middle of your ski? Is that a?”

I stare at my ski in dismay. My friend shrieks,

“It’s a mirror.”

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