It’s Springtime

I’m slacking on blogging, I know. I’ve been busy. So busy. How busy? I’ve been cooking. That’s right. I swear this is me and my blog hasn’t been hacked. I’ve been cooking for myself almost every day. Ok, so I may be making the same thing over and over again, but that’s still an improvement on opening a yogurt.

I made a full dinner the other night without any major issues. I now have a new found respect for all those people with cooking shows. Cooking and talking at the same time is HARD. I was chatting away, as if I cook dinner every night, and I think to myself,

‘How many cups of water did I just add to this pot for the rice? Three? Four? Do I dump it out and start again? Should I just keep going like I know what I’m doing? Yup.’ Gonna fake it until I make it, or set off the fire alarm. One of those is bound to happen if I keep this up.

I tell my fellow bartender,

“I’ve been cooking!”

“You’re really blossoming.”

Excuse me while I go check out Rachel Ray’s site. I’m serious. 

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