Haircut/self-esteem boost

Why, I did get a haircut, thank you for noticing! Okay, so I got an inch cut off and nobody can tell. But when I’m springing for a $90 haircut, people need to know. 
And what do I get for $90? As soon as I walk in the woman at the desk takes my bag and coat, compliments my hair and makes me a coffee. Another woman compliments my eyelashes. Another woman compliments my hair. A couple women start a discussion about my hair. The first woman brings me a water, refills my coffee and compliments my hair. I’d pay $10 just to be fussed over like this for fifteen minutes. 
The actual haircut takes a long time, 2 hours. First she cuts it, then she washes it, then she styles it, then she dries it, then she cuts it again, then she styles it. All the while people “ooo” and “ah” over my hair.  I know they must do this all day every day, but I don’t let that stop me from feeling special. 
And what about the guy who comes in after me with barely any hair on his head? He obviously wants to feel pretty too.
I can’t tell if he’s wearing this ironically or not.

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