Both hands needed for hot tubbing

I’m back! It turns out it is very hard to blog from a hot tub. I needed both hands to hold my cocktail.

I did a five day ski camp. I am now at the level I thought I was when I arrived. I’m good. Not great. But good. I’m happy with good. I only ended up on my back with my legs in the air once. We’re talking about skiing people.

I stayed at a very nice hotel. How nice? There’s room service for doggies. You get to ski all day and they don’t have to get out of bed; they can charge all the gizzard pudding they want to the room.

The room service for human beings is exorbitant: $32 for a basic breakfast. It makes the doggie french toast for $9, plus $5.50 delivery charge, plus automatic 15% gratuity look like the way to go.

Meanwhile at the pool all the underage kiddies are running the cocktail server ragged with milkshake deliveries. A woman flags down the server,

“Can you make an adult milkshake?”


I wave a wet arm in the air, I want one too.

Two young drunk guys with a bucket of beer, plop into the tub. They start throwing beers around to everyone. At $9 a poolside beer I’m happy to snap up a freebie. The guy with the bucket of beer tells me,

“Come sit over here.”

“No thanks.”

“Come sit over here.”

“No thanks.”

“Why not?”

“I’m happy here.”

“Do you want another beer?”

“Yes please.”

I get another beer. He tries again,

“Are you going to sit over here?”



With that he moves to another seat further away. I sip my beer. He showed me.

You’re right, I have free hand.

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