I don’t need a tennis partner

I lost my first game of tennis. To an imaginary person.

My coach is teaching me to serve. She tells me,

“You’re hitting about 20% into the box, you’ll never get to 100% but 70% would be nice.”

I think she’s being generous with the 20%. She tells me,

“We’re going to pretend like this is a real game. You don’t want to give your opponent a point for just standing there so get your serve in the box.”

My first two serves go flying. My coach declares,

“Love – 15. Keep going.”

I try again.

“Love – 30.”

I serve two more.

“Love- 40. Ok, last chance, get this one in.”

My balls go flying.

“And that’s game. You lost.”

My imaginary friend is definitely wearing this.

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