Raw eggs don’t stop me

Mother’s Day was a success, although there was a small hiccup.

I decide it’s a good idea to bake a cake. I go to the store, painstakingly pick out cake mix, frosting, a different color frosting to write “Happy Mother’s Day,” and a different color frosting to decorate with. I’m on a mission.

I mix the cake batter. I take a taste. Mmm. I take another taste. Mmm so good. I forsake the whisk I was using in favor of a spoon. It’s so much better for eating cake batter with. I pour the remaining batter into a 9″x13″ pan. It looks thin, but maybe it’s going to rise a lot?

It does not. I ate way too much of the batter. I have made a cake cookie. I walk a mile back to the store and buy another box of cake mix. I try again. By this time I’m hungry again and start to eat the batter. It’s so good.

When I tell the story to a friend she asks,

“So you ate less of the batter the second time around?”

“No. I used a smaller pan.”

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