I fought a chain link fence. The fence won.

When’s the last time you fell off a bike? Can’t remember? That used to be me too. Maybe I was ten? Or twelve? Who knows? That is until this past weekend, when I fell off my bike.

I’m on a beautiful bike path along the ocean just behind my boyfriend. The path veers off along a jetty. There’s water on both sides and a chain link fence along the path to stop crazy people from riding their bikes into the ocean. It’s gorgeous! Look at the kite surfers! Look at the cute dog! Look there’s ice cream! BOOM chain link fence.

I topple over onto my side. The fence works. There are so many concerned pedestrians. My boyfriend looks back to find me on the ground.

I recover as quickly as possible. There’s only a small amount of blood. And it’s a miracle, my expensive tennis skort that I thought was perfect for a bike ride has survived.

I recount the story to a regular. She exclaims,

“Were you wearing a helmet?!”

“Yes.” But my head was the only body part that did not make contact with the ground or my bike.

I straighten my bag on the back of my bike. My boyfriend asks,

“Did you lose anything?”

“Only my dignity.”

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