Reenacting the Revolutionary War. Who knew I’d be great?

I am officially 31. It feels a lot like 30 which feels a lot like 20 which feels a lot like 2 except I don’t wet my pants anymore and I only play with my dolls once in a while.
The romantic vacation for three plus one dog was a success.

My boyfriend and I head out on a couple kayaks. I put on an oversized sun hat. I’m ready for some paddling and a lot of relaxing. We find a secluded beach and get the relaxing in right away. Then we paddle farther up the river. My boyfriend asks,
“How far does this go?”
“I don’t know. Did they give you that map they mentioned?”
We paddle farther. We paddle under a bridge. We paddle under another bridge. We talk about turning around and decide we want to paddle past one more bridge.
Then it comes time to turn around.  Whoa that’s a strong wind. I start paddling slowly but surely into the gusts. I think that kayak off in the distance is my boyfriend. I stop paddling. The wind blows me backwards. I should keep paddling.
My boyfriend waits for me. He starts paddling backwards. It’s all I can do to paddle forwards, I’m not sure if I’ll ever see land again and he’s going backwards. Yeah ok I’m on a river and there’s land as far as the eye can see, but not the land where I return my kayak. I tell him,
“You just wait until I’m on a jet-ski tomorrow.”
I’m not sure what that means but I know I’ll be going faster. I push forward, my sun hat blows up. We finally reach our starting point. I glance at the map. It shows the second bridge. I read the caption,
“Only experienced kayakers beyond this point.”
We rest on the hill overlooking the river and all the other kayakers. A woman comes paddling along. Her sun hat is blowing up. My boyfriend declares,
“Her hat is doing the same thing yours was.”
“You looked like George Washington crossing the Potomac.”
“Like a cute George Washington.”

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