Waterslide or nap? These are the tough decisions I’m making today

Hi! Sorry for the delay. I’m in Arizona. Yeah really. The boyfriend has a conference at a hotel with ten pools and a huge waterslide. Say no more, here I am. I’ve already been down the slide at least 22 times. But who’s counting? Hey little slow kid with the arm floaties, outta my way.
Last night I tag along to the conference reception. Yeah free food and open bar. My boyfriend reviews his schedule for the next couple of days. 7am breakfast. 8am opening remarks. 9am something else boring. My boyfriend offers,
“I’m sure I could sneak you in if you want.”
I look at him like he’s swallowed crazy pills. Why would I want to do that? My schedule: 7am sleeping. 10am coffee. 11am pick a pool. 11:30am swim and/or water slide. Noon nap. 1pm flag down cocktail server. 2pm free time.
At the reception we start chatting with one of the guys running the conference. He tells me,
“It’s great that you got to come along. “
My boyfriend says,
“I told her she could probably sneak into the conference.”
“Why would she want to do that?”

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