There’s a fat person trapped inside me

I love Krispy Kreme donuts. Maybe I love them more because I can’t get them in Boston. But whatever I love them. Don’t even start with Dunkin Donuts. And after a quick google search it looks like there’s a Krispy Kreme in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun. So if anyone’s grandmother wants to bring me back a box I’ll buy them a donut.

So when I went to visit my boyfriend in the deep deep south/North Carolina, we drove by Krispy Kreme store after Krispy Kreme store. I tell him,

“I have to have some.”

We pull up to a drive-thru. The speaker voice says something unintelligible. I shout across from the passenger seat,

“A dozen!”

I open the box, stuff one in my mouth and continue to ogle them. My boyfriend remarks,

“Hmmm who’s the next victim?”

I proceed to eat ten of them. The only reason I didn’t eat twelve was because someone else ate two.

And before you go feeling bad that he went hungry, he’s gone and eaten this: a Krispy Kreme burger. A burger between two donuts.

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