Yeah I high-five strangers, what?

My bar manager was in a drink contest last night. I was excited to go see him. Almost as excited as I was for the free food and drinks. I think I was a small starving child in another life.

I graze the cheese spread and keep an eye on the passed hors d’oeuvres. Those bacon wrapped thingys should’ve come around a second time.

More and more people arrive. It’s a good showing. I know a lot of people here and recognize even more. I say hi indiscriminately. A guy approaches our table. He starts to talk to my bar manager and notices me. He declares,

“Hey! Good to see you!”

He raises his hand for a big high five. I go for it. Some people have been saying my high fives are bad, but I think they’re at fault. I was a cheerleader. I KNOW how to high five.

I high five the guy. He goes for the high five turned handshake. Odd awkward. I wait for a fist bump. He chats a little more and before wandering off says,

“Good to see you guys, it’s been a long time.”

My bar manager turns to me,

“Who was that?”

“I have no idea.”

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