What does the word creepy mean to you?

A regular walks up to the bar with his girlfriend. His girlfriend starts talking to my bar manager. The regular waves his phone around. What is he doing?

Click, click, click.

Oh my goodness. He’s taking photos. I dash back toward the kitchen and hide behind a wall. My general manager asks,

“Is he trying to take photos of you?”


“That’s weird.”

“Yes. That’s why I’m hiding.”

I pop back behind the bar. I notice the regular is trying to read but he doesn’t have good light. I offer,

“Would you like to move over here for better light?”

“No thanks, I can get better photos of you from here.”

Oh. Ok.

I keep working. The regular sighs,

“I’ve gotten plenty of photos of your bar manager, but I can’t get any good ones of you, you keep moving.”

Funny thing about that.

2 thoughts on “What does the word creepy mean to you?

  1. what's the deal with guys into used panties? I don't get that. I had sisters. I know what dirty underwear is. Why the f would any dude want dirty underwear? It is so f'ing gross!


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