Give me 200 million more Jews in the US and you’ll be selling Hanukkah doormats

I walk into a nice paper store. I’m bombarded by Christmas. There are Christmas napkins, aprons, doormats, tea cups, Christmas cards, do-it-yourself Christmas cards, and don’t forget to join the email list for more Christmas craft ideas.

I see three rolls of Hanukkah paper. A young guy clerk asks me,

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, do you have any other Hanukkah paper?”

“This is it.”

“Ok, thank you.” I pretend to look through my options again. I hear the guy remark to the other guy behind the counter.

“I like Hanukkah better than Christmas. It’s so much classier.”

Now please excuse me while I go wrap Hanukkah presents and listen to Christmas music.

See upper left hand corner of photo,
someone has brought the Steins a present
and they couldn’t find any Hanukkah paper.

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