If I’m incarcerated will my health care be cheaper?

I need health care. I’ve had it thanks to Massachusetts for awhile now, but the new system is going into effect and I’ve been set adrift. If for any reason you end up on the health care site and you don’t need to be there. Run away. Fast. It reminds me of one of those programs online that lets you design your own quiz.

Lest there be any confusion, the federal health care site directs me to the Massachusetts site and that’s where I’ve been for the last few weeks.

I try to login. I forget my password because it’s not my name. I try to login again. I’m already part way through the application process, but the site won’t let me return to where I left off. It makes me start from scratch every time, just in case my name, birthday and disease history have changed since the day before.

I answer many yes or no questions.

“Are you pregnant?”


“Do you plan to stay in Massachusetts?”


“Are you incarcerated?”


I click next. This pops up:

“You may be required to submit proof that Jessica Burday is incarcerated.”

WHAT? I hit the back button. Another box pops up,

“You are being logged out due to inactivity.”

GAH! I am actively checking off boxes like ‘NO I’m not incarcerated.’

I log back in. I fill in my name, birthday, address. It’s easy to remember by the thirteenth time.

I examine the incarceration question. Yes it asks ‘Are you incarcerated?’ and I make a point to click NO.

Again the box pops up:

“You may be required to submit proof that Jessica Burday is incarcerated.”

Again I slam my computer shut. I don’t have time for this. I’m not in jail. I have to go to work.

After a three week struggle my application is submitted and I should have an answer in a few weeks. As long as they’re not waiting for proof of my incarceration.

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