Short on oxygen, but I’ve got plenty of underwear

I leave in fourteen hours for a ski week in Taos, New Mexico. Yup, there’s skiing in New Mexico.

I’m all packed. As usual I’m a light packer except for one thing. I have two ski shirts; I will hand wash one and wear the other one. I have one pair of ski pants; not sure when those will get washed. Two pairs of ski socks. One bra. And you knew where this was going, 25 pairs of underwear. I can’t explain it. I had an underwear problem before and now the fact that someone, Captain, will be seeing them everyday, does not make it better.

I will be at 9,000 – 13,000 feet above sea level. Due to the decrease in oxygen, I will need every last bit for skiing and drinking in the hot tub. I will not have enough oxygen left to blog. See you when I’m at sea level.

And take plenty of underwear

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