Overpopulation by giants

Back to Taos. Captain and I are chatting with an older couple. The wife remarks,

“It’s so nice to see another tall couple.”
There’s a tall couple club. Who knew? She continues,
“All our kids are tall.”
“How many do you have?”
“Oh. They like being tall?”
“All of them. Our daughter is the only girl on her high school football team.”
“She has a size 12 shoe.”
The husband brags,
“Size 12 mens.”
I can’t help myself. I exclaim,
“Your daughter is a size 12 MENS?!?”
“Yes!” They both cheer.
I’m six feet tall and a size 9.5 mens. Their daughter must be a giant. They seem overjoyed for her. I don’t know her at all, but I bet she has mixed feelings. 
The wife continues,
“All our five kids are educated. I’m so glad Bill Gates wrote that paper saying overpopulation is a myth.”
I doubt he did. I’m pretty sure overpopulation is not even as controversial as global warming. If two people make five people, extra people are being made. And in their case, extra big people.

I’m on the right. 

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