You will receive a response in a few weeks or six months

Back in December I applied for health care, only to find out that I may have to provide proof that I’m not incarcerated. Then I got a letter in the mail saying that the health insurance I have now will be extended until March 31st. Perfect. I return my attention to my unincarcerated life and don’t think anything else about it until a couple days ago when I think,

‘It’s March. I wonder what’s going on with my health care.’

I log onto the site. The same message that was there in December is still there:

“Thank you for your application. You will receive a response in a few weeks.”

I call them. An automated voice tells me,

“Press one if you’re a small business, or say business. Press two if you’re an individual, or say individual.”

I press two.

“Sorry, I’m not sure what you pressed. Do you need to change your password?”

“No. Speak to a person.”

“You can change your password online.”


“Press zero for an operator.”

I get a human being. I tell him,

“I applied for health care in December and now I’m worried because it’s almost March 31st and I haven’t heard back.”

He looks up my file.

“Yes. You did apply in December. We’re extending everyone’s insurance again until June 30th.”

Thank you.

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