Your toilet looks delicious

I happen to be a bartender in the middle of the craft cocktail craze. I could just as easily have been a bartender during the appletini time. I like the job. The craft can fend fine for itself without me.

My bar manager is very creative. The other day he made a drink with bird’s nest. Yes bird’s nest drink is a real thing. Swallows make their nests with spit and somehow that spit has made it into human beverages. Calling it bird’s nest drink is deceptive. There are no twigs in the drink, just bird spit.

Due to the high cost of bird spit, it has not made it onto our cocktail list, although other items I dislike have. My bar manager enjoys using rose water in cocktails. I can’t stand it. I complain to him,

“It tastes like a bathroom.”

He tells me,

“It tastes like the best part of a bathroom.”

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