Flaming cabbage for dinner tomorrow

Before my little sister and Captain, me cooking dinner involved opening a container of cottage cheese. In the past few years I’ve had more successful cooking experiences than not. 

The other day my little sister and I decide to make tacos. We head to the store. We get all the ingredients: ground beef, taco shells, lettuce, tomato, cheese and extra sour cream.

My little sister mans the stove and I start cutting stuff up. Something is odd about the lettuce. I keep cutting. I’m starting to have my doubts. I taste a piece. Uhoh. I tell my little,
“I think I got cabbage instead of lettuce.”
She pops a piece in her mouth and grimaces,
“Yup, but I’ll eat it anyway.”
“We could run to the corner store and get lettuce.”
“Yeah that would be better.”
We sit down to enjoy our tacos with lettuce not cabbage. I tell my little,
“It’s thanks to you I’ve been learning to cook; it’s been a steep learning curve.”
“Your children will thank me.”

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