Your medication is not compatible with alcohol

A guy comes into the bar. We have a short conversation about what beer I would recommend. He picks one. I serve him. He orders dinner. He seems fine and everything is going as usual.

Next thing I know he has his money out and declares,
“I’m leaving!”
Whoa. Wait a minute. I ask,
“What’s wrong?”
“Where’s my steak?”
It’s been 10 minutes. “I’ll check on it.” 
“Don’t bother.”
I flag a manager down and just then his steak arrives. He’s pissed but decides to stay and eat it. In retrospect I should’ve let him leave. I would’ve saved myself a lot of trouble AND I would’ve gotten to eat a free steak.
I ask him,
“How is it?”
He finishes his steak and he’s getting ready to leave. I put the check down in front of him. He yells at me,
“I already paid this.”
“No you didn’t.”
I walk off to get a manager. When I look back it’s like he’s a cartoon. In slow motion he leans to the right, topples off his bar stool and crashes to the floor.

3 thoughts on “Your medication is not compatible with alcohol

  1. What? Happens? Next?

    Arggggggh … I was just in Rapid City AND completely forgot to go get my own photo of the Jess & Kermit sign. I was never driving myself though, with a cousin, so maybe that is why I forgot.


  2. I even had a list of special things to get done this trip, and it didn't make it onto the list. I did manage to find the ranch my grandfather used to rent that I had not been to in 41 years down by White River. All the buildings had been replaced with another of the same function (house, barn, shop, and garage) yet in 41 years they too had started to show a lot of wear and tear. The square driveway out front was still there and a pack of huge dogs, so I couldn't get out to wander around, as no one was home but several vehicles were there. I took no pictures. I promise to try harder to remember your picture next time I go to Rapid.


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