I’m in the fold

Yesterday I went to Worcester to get my teeth cleaned and a free lunch. Thanks Mom.

I have the best dentist in the world. I’ve been going to him my whole life, except for my few years around the world when I didn’t go to any dentist. A mistake. And then I went to a dentist in Cambridge. That was a bigger mistake.

Two years ago the dentist in Cambridge did x-rays. He pointed to spots on the x-ray that looked like other spots on the x-ray and told me,

“Do you see these spots? You have five cavities.”


The proposed bill would be over $1,000, payable in installments. My mom told me,

“You should see the dentist here.”

I did and he told me I only had two cavities. What?!

After he patches me up, he asks,

“Can I welcome you back into the fold?”

Yes please.

I baked tooth cookies for my dentist. 🙂

I didn’t bake these ones, but I forgot to get good photos of mine. :/

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