A little bit of nothing, in detail

There’d be more to blog about if Booker, my dog, were inclined to say something.

I am impressed with his ability to stay within one foot of me at all times. He has nothing to do all day but follow me back and forth. And I have nothing to do all day but go back and forth. From the kitchen, to the porch, to the yard and repeat. He carries a rubber rattle. I carry a book.

At one point, there’s more company then I expected in the bathroom. I exclaim,


He hangs his head and backs up a few steps. He is just across the threshold. He is still close enough that he can be sure he isn’t missing anything besides whatever I’m reading in National Geographic.

My friend asked me to help her write content for her website. She told me,

“You are able to write about nothing.”

And that is what I strove for today.

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