I made you a nutritious chocolate cake! It’s only 40% beetles

Booker is still refusing to say anything. Unless you count viciously barking at the mailman. That guy is the worst.

I must resort to blogging about what I’m reading. Again. Thanks Mom for the good supply of magazines. This month’s National Geographic has an exciting article for the future of food: Edible Insects.

“Raising livestock uses a lot of resources. Eating insects – already common in many tropical countries – could be an alternative.”

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

They add,

“Beetles and crickets, for example, are packed with nutrients and provide protein at a low environmental cost.” These bugs have the same percentage of protein as a cow, pig, chicken or fish. There are already insect farms. “Most are used for animal feed, but large-scale farming for human consumption is planned.”

National Geographic notes that while grasshoppers are a delicacy in Uganda, in general, “palatability poses a problem.” And that is why “to disguise their form, insects can be processed into powders or pastes. Protein-rich ‘bug flours’ that are part flour and part ground insect will likely be on the market soon.”

Taste was okay. The little grasshopper legs between my teeth? Not pleasant.


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