Why did I learn how to wash dishes?

Summer vacation continues. Every day it crosses my mind that I should get some exercise. Not because I’m overly concerned about my health. I’m not. It’s just that I sit around all day, I am so relaxed, but then by the time I go to bed my arms and legs feel like all they want to do is jump around. So I get out of bed and jump around. I also resolve to do this earlier in the day next time. I don’t.

Instead I’ve started reading Truman by David McCullough. It’s 1,117 pages and I’ve been holding it up all day. So now only my legs are hankering to jump around.

McCullough tells a story about Truman’s mother,

“If she never learned to milk a cow, her father advised, she would never have to milk a cow. So she never learned.”

1 thought on “Why did I learn how to wash dishes?

  1. I learned but didn't.

    I recently returned to my grandparents ranch in South Dakota for a few minutes. There was milking there, in the days before maquina de vaca (machines for cows).


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