The blog must go on

Once upon a time, long long ago, 2 months ago, I had an interview for another job. Then that same day, four hours later, the bar almost burned down.

The bar is still closed. I’m not bartending. I’m getting up at 6am, going to bed at 9pm and I’ve been using spreadsheets.

Bad news is the bar was a major source of blog material. But only when it’s not on fire. So while I don’t have an official last day to invite everybody to come see me and give me a lot of money, I did have a memorable unofficial last day and have been collecting insurance money every since.

I do not intend to let my drink making and flirting skills slide, I’ll just have to do them during business hours.

Interview/Fire day!
No, I’m not a flight attendant.

3 thoughts on “The blog must go on

  1. Jess, I love your observations. Sorry to not have gotten into your actual bar to observe some of the behavior you wrote about. But as an office dweller myself, I concur….you will find material eventually among the masses there. Just use inoffensive pseudonyms. And good luck.


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