You can’t have this filing cabinet

I have no drunk people to blog about. There is a large amount of beer gathering dust in our office kitchen. It was a donation that no is allowed to touch. At the bar, that sort of donation would be redistributed before any dust could think about lofting itself in the direction of the beer. Unless it’s bad beer, then it was still there when the bar caught on fire. Sorry Mom.

Just as the comments of my desk rearrangement were dying down, I got antsy. I was sitting for 8 hours a day and I’m used to standing for 10 hours a day. I stand to stretch once in awhile and to peer out a faraway window, but it’s not enough. I need a standing desk.

I price it out on the internet. Nope. Next idea. I need to make it myself. Perhaps a small coffee table on top of my desk? The ants in my pants were becoming unbearable. I bonk my head on the mysterious filing cabinet hanging just behind my head. I remember the wise words of my CEO,

“That must come off.”

I push and prod and hope I’m not about to pull the whole wall of the cube down. And the filing cabinet comes off! Now what? I put it on my desk. I put my computer on top of the filing cabinet. I now have a stand-up sit-down desk AND I don’t bump my head anymore.

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