I’m 32 year-old with a futon, it’s a really nice futon

I’m counting down my final days in Davis Square. Yes, that is where I have lived for the last 4.5 years. My mom is going to be uneasy that I’m telling you where I live. But by the time you find me, I won’t be here anymore. And if I am still here, then you can help me move.

This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere besides Worcester. Davis Square has everything: food, drinks, a movie theater with food and drinks, a bike path, a wonderful landlady and CVS. I love CVS.

I list off my Davis Square amenities as I snuggle into the best amenity at my new place: Captain. The washer and dryer are a close second. He reassures me,

“There’s a new CVS down the street.”



“I have to check it out.”

It is a great CVS. So while I’m used to the same couple of cranky clerks in Davis Sq. I will open my heart to a couple of new ones.

I can visit my friendly landlady anytime and we’ll see how my new landlord Captain is. I can visit all of my furniture as well; it’ll be in my mom’s garage.

4 thoughts on “I’m 32 year-old with a futon, it’s a really nice futon

  1. I had a gf when I was in my mid30s who had a futon, and I kept thinking “what the f witht eh college kid furniture?” time to be an addult…give it away


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