Getting dressed in the kitchen

Everyone wants to know: am I all moved in?

Yes. I am all moved in. My belongings are distributed between my mom’s house and Captain’s. But I am not unpacked. There’s a giant pink bike in my new living room. I can sit on my (Captain’s) white leather couch and stare at my pretty pink bike. If there needs to be a bike in our living room, it might as well be this one.

Last weekend two thirds of my stuff went to my mom’s house, including a fuzzy, full-length, zebra-striped robe. Captain says it’s an albino tiger. Whatever sexy animal it is, the robe is not sexy. Considering I’m living with a man now, I send the robe to Worcester. 

Two days later, I’m naked and wandering around my new kitchen. That’s where my clothing wardrobe is. It’s a little nippy and all I want right now is my zebra/albino tiger robe. It needs to move back to Boston. Rawr.

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