On a dress quest

If you think you’re already sick of hearing about my wedding planning, you’ve got months to go kid.

Last weekend my mom and I head into our first wedding gown store. We’re surround by an army of women doing the same thing we are. It feels like the wedding industry has swallowed me whole. Here I am shopping for “MY VERY SPECIAL DAY” while being shoved around by other women shopping for their “VERY SPECIAL DAY.” It starts to feel like there are a lot of special days. But don’t get me wrong, no army of crazy brides will stop me. I am all about this.
I’m in a small dressing room, in my underwear, with a store employee responsible for getting me in a dress bigger than the room. I try on one. I try on another one. My mom is not impressed. I try on a third. She breaks down sobbing.

I thought this might happen, but I didn’t know it would take 3 dresses. I’m enjoying myself. Trying on wedding dresses is something I’ve always dreamed of. It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening. I tell my mom this. She agrees,

“It is hard to believe and I’m not sure why, because it could’ve happened a lot sooner.”

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