Shark finger food, video included

Just got back from Captain’s family vacation and I’m mostly intact.

Last Saturday we all head down to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I have never been more ready to see a palm tree in my life. 
Our cab driver from the airport is part tour-guide, part Bob Marley impersonator and part preacher/gospel singer. He serenades us all the way to our hotel. As we’re getting out he reminds us,
“You never know how many days you have on this earth and you probably don’t want to know.”
Huh. He adds,
“Have a great vacation!”
The next morning everyone is talking about relaxing. I’m talking about water slides. I’m ready to do every single water slide in the resort until I can’t walk up the stairs anymore. We join Captain’s family by the lazy river. Captain is eyeing the lazy river. I tell him,
“I’ll do the lazy river, but then I’m going on the water slides.”
These are the compromises I hear engaged people need to make.
I’m so excited. I run ahead of Captain, jump in the lazy river, dive under the water and take a big swim stroke. OW!!! My hands scrape the bottom HARD. I pull them out and stare at them. They’re not bleeding. One second. Two seconds. The blood starts.
I stand staring at my hands as blood drips into the lazy river. Do I need to get out? Can I still swim? My vacation just started, I don’t want to stop now. Captain walks up. He looks down at my hands,
“Oh no, is the ring ok?”
“Is the ring ok?!!”
“All of your fingers are bleeding!”
“I know!”
“At first I thought it was only one finger.”
So we’re not sure where the line is, but somewhere between 1 and 7 bloody fingers, the state of the fingers becomes more important than the state of the ring.
We go and get proper medical attention, band-aids and head straight for the water slides. Bloody fingers are one way to get out of going on the dangerous lazy river. 
Several days later, Captain and I are sitting in bed staring at my hands. He says,
“Looks good.”
“Yeah, the ring is beautiful.”
“I was talking about your fingers!”

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