In a coma, but not on a ventilator so there’s hope

I know you think this blog is dead or dying. But it’s not. The few intermittent posts are not death throes. This blog has sunk into a coma. Sometimes there are signs of life. And sometimes you should check back next week.

I promise it is still very much alive and at any point will come roaring back to life. I’m just not sure when that is. Definitely when I’m home with another human being using my body as a refillable drink machine. 
Work is crazy. I’m not sure how all the work I’m supposed to do fits into 40 hours a week. And when it doesn’t fit into 40 hours a week it leaves me very little time for this blog and Rabbi first dates.
I spent 32 years of my life without spread sheets. There were good times and bad times, but never times that I said, “If only I had a spreadsheet.” Captain and I spent an evening last week reviewing Excel tips and techniques. I love this man more than anything and want to share so many things with him, but not everything.
And as much as I know you love blogs about spreadsheets, the good news is that there’s a Rabbi first date next week. 

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