To a lifetime of ice cream together

I love ice cream cake. I’ve loved ice cream cake longer than I’ve loved Captain, so it only makes sense that they should both be at my wedding.

When I think of ice cream cake, I think of a sheet cake with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and little crunchies in the middle. The top often says “Happy Birthday.” So when I dream of an ice cream cake for my wedding I’m thinking all of these things, except for the Happy Birthday part.

I email Ben & Jerry’s,

“I’m interested in an ice cream cake for my wedding, is this possible? Do you deliver?”

The ice cream cake guy sends me back a flavor list. There are almost twenty flavors. I don’t bother looking. I already know I’m getting vanilla and chocolate.

My mom, Captain and I head to Ben & Jerry’s to meet with the ice cream cake guy. He sits down and starts sketching a three layer wedding cake. It’s an ice cream cake that looks like a wedding cake. My mind is blown. The ice cream cake guy says,

“What flavors are you thinking?”

“Vanilla and chocolate.”

“You have to pick 6 flavors. Each layer of the cake has 2 flavors.”

We review the list of flavors. He returns with several bowls of ice cream, whip cream, brownies and crunchies. This is definitely one of the better parts of planning the wedding. We pick out a few flavors, but not all six. We might need to go back and try a few more.

Now to decide on a cake topper…

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