Now I know why the rest of my clothes don’t have trains

I can’t tell you too much about my wedding dress in case you’ll tell Captain, but I went for my first alteration fitting. It took 3 hours and my legs were aching. Standing around looking pretty is not as easy as it sounds.

Also it required a lot more decision making than I was ready for before eating a decent meal. I would’ve eaten before the fitting, but I didn’t want a food baby to throw off the measurements.

There are several types of bustles. All of which make me feel like a lady in a royal court. What era and what country are what’s to be decided: French bustle, American bustle, Austrian bustle or carry the whole darn train around all night. But a hand that’s holding a train is a hand that’s NOT holding a drink. I know you’re thinking I have another hand, but maybe I need to hold two drinks.

My main concern that no one else is concerned about is that I like to go to the bathroom and I go a lot. What’s the best sort of bustle so I don’t drop the whole dress in the toilet?

After all the hemming, pinning and rutching is done. The seamstress says,

“You’re free to play around.”

All I’ve ever wanted to do since I’ve dreamed of a wedding dress is twirl and dance around. I twirl a few times and plop down in a chair. My legs are so tired.

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