That’s some good Cookie Puss

Captain had another birthday.

Two years ago, when we were both still in our thirties, was the first time we discussed ice cream cake. He tells me,
“You know what ice cream cake I like? Cookie Puss!”
“Carvel’s Cookie Puss.”
“That’s not a real thing.”
“It is. It was the 1970s.”
He shows me a photo of Cookie Puss.
“Nooo. C’mon.”
“Yes. The Beastie Boys even wrote a song about it.”
“Yes.” He plays the song.
A few months ago on the LONG drive to my grandfather’s. My mom and I are talking ice cream cake for the wedding and Captain interjects from the backseat,
“Cookie Puss!”
My mom is lost. I explain. Captain spends the next half hour Googling Cookie Puss. I ask,
“Do they still make it?”
“I don’t know. It was the Seventies.”
As his birthday approaches, I’ve got Cookie Puss on my mind. I look into it. Cookie Puss is still one of Carvel’s signature cakes. I’m getting this man a Cookie Puss. Now I just need to find a Carvel.
The closest Carvel is 2 hours away in Hartford, CT. Done. I call them,
“May I order an ice cream cake?”
“Sure. What would you like?”
“Cookie Puss.”
“Cookie Puss?”
“Yes please.”
“Standard Cookie Puss?”
“Standard Cookie Puss.”
“I haven’t made one of those before, but shouldn’t be a problem.”
On a random weekday night, I drive to Hartford, collect Cookie Puss and drive back to Boston. Captain is 100 percent surprised. He exclaims,
“Cookie Puss! Where’d you get Cookie Puss?!”
“Hartford, CT.”
“You drove all the way to Hartford?”
“What’d you do when you got there?”
“I bought the cake.”
“Did you do anything in Hartford?”
“Turned around and came back.”
We’ve been eating Cookie Puss for days now. 

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