Freelance blogging here I come

Some of my career counseling results are in:

My top career fields:
• Commercial art
• Advertising and public relations
• Broadcast journalism
• Freelance art
• Corporate training
• Floral design

I’m not sure about that art thing. My drawing skills are very limited. I can draw a girl stick figure, a boy stick figure, a ballerina leg and a wedding dress. That’s right, just the ballerina leg, to a little above the knee. So I’m ruling out commercial art and freelance art.

Corporate training sounds good. I’m not sure what I can train people in besides drink making, but I wouldn’t mind telling them what to do.

The career counseling test has another interesting list. People like me are happy in the following jobs:

1. Flight Attendant
2. Broadcast Journalist
3. Photographer
4. Advertising Account Manager
5. Public Relations Director
6. Reporter
7. Translator
8. Cosmetologist
9. Musician
10. Buyer

Interested, I did a little flight attendant research. The Internet suggests that if you’re interested in being a flight attendant, you might like bartending.

I didn’t draw this, but in a pinch I might be able to.

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