What’s my name again?

Everyone keeps asking,

“How’s married life?”

It’s great and very similar to before. The best thing about married life is that I don’t have to plan a wedding. Also I have someone to file my taxes for me for free and I have a new last name.

I’m struggling to respond to my new name: Jessica Curtis. I don’t know who that person is. I also struggle to write my name on paperwork. It’s like I’m in nursery school again. I’ve got my first name down, so it’s like my second year of nursery school.

The name change was a dilemma. I gave it a lot of thought. It’s a patriarchal system. I have my father’s name. If I keep my name, I keep my father’s name which is not the same as my mother’s name

If I hyphenate my name, Burday-Curtis, then I have my father’s name and my husband’s name.

The only way to escape the patriarchal system is if Captain and I made up an entirely new name for both of us and our children. This completely cuts us off from all lines of our family.

So we’re Curtis and our kids might figure out how to spell it in the their first year of nursery school.


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