You’re right, I’m still in my jammies

My only excuse for not blogging more often is a shortage of material. I have plenty of time. I have the kind of time that makes me think,

‘Maybe I should get a bar job so I have something to blog about.’

Another thought that has crossed my mind,

‘I could write a really really long blog, like 200 pages long, and see if someone or myself will publish it.’

In theory this sounds great. In practice it ends up with me in my jammies, on the couch until 3pm, surfing the net for cat videos.

Captain says,

“You could go somewhere else to write.”

Yes, somewhere without Internet. Maybe a dive bar.

Captain is excited about the whole venture. He wants me to work on the long blog. He tells me,

“You should try this at least once.”

At this point I’m running out of excuses.

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