My temporary boob job

For 30 years I’ve had very good control of my body. The few years I didn’t, I don’t remember. Now the 7 inch person inside of me is wreaking havoc.

It’s not all bad. Amazing things are happening to my once fun-size chest. After only 8 weeks in, I glance down. Am I crazy? I model my new set for Captain. He declares,

“At least 25% bigger.”

That’s what I thought.

At this point they’re at least 100% bigger. I have only recently filled out my pre-pregnancy bras, which means I’ve been fooling myself for years.

Yesterday I get dressed to go out for Valentine’s Day. Not much I can do about my large gut that does not scream baby bump. I put on a red pre-pregnancy bra and a low cut top. I look in the mirror. Wow. Cleavage. I’m not sure if my breasts have ever touched each other before.

It’s a miracle. Is it too much? I model my outfit for Captain. He starts giggling like a 13-year-old boy. We’re good to go.


3 thoughts on “My temporary boob job

  1. Wait until you’re breastfeeding. They go really crazy then. I never knew that bras came in cup sizes clear down to L/M. I only got to G/H and I suddenly understood why some women go for reductions. Even with some serious hydraulics on the bra, you still can’t jump or even run comfortably.
    And if you want good, comfortable hydraulics, I’d recommend trying Bravado. Much better than the stuff in the maternity stores I shopped at.
    Also, if you think you’re hungry when you’re pregnant, breastfeeding makes you crazy hungry. And unlike when you’re pregnant, you get to eat lots and lose weight at the same time. Totally worth those first couple weeks of figuring out how to do it.

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