Bringing back baby fashions from the 80’s

29 weeks pregnant. Third trimester baby! Home stretch. I passed the gestational diabetes test. Which is good news, because I’m not sure how I would cut back on sugar. What’s pregnancy without chocolate?

Aside from eating a lot, my nesting is in full swing. Someday Baby Bop will have a say in how she’d like to dress. But for a little while, there’s not much she can do about my fashion choices for her besides spit up or poop on whatever item she would no longer like to be wearing.

My mom saved all of my clothes. I head to Worcester for Passover and to see if I can collect some baby clothes from 1982. I’m wondering how 80’s baby fashion is going to hold up to 2016.

It holds up. There are some classic baby trends that seem to be a staple of any baby who wears clothes. Bibs. Babies in 2016 are still drooling. Bloomers. Babies still use diaper covers with ruffles on them. Can’t go wrong with butt ruffles. And last but not least, clothing with snaps in the crotch. Snaps in the crotch are timeless.


This is me. Everyone needs a snowsuit that’s going to fit for a while.


4 thoughts on “Bringing back baby fashions from the 80’s

  1. omg that is adorable. Frills and everything. Baby fashion from back in the day, is truly mesmerising. Check out my blog if you don’t mind. It revolves around child fashion and aims to bring back trends from the 50’s.
    – Beep Toot


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