Puzzle me this, just please don’t make me do it

One of the good things about Captain is that he’s as in love with BB as I am. And I’m especially in love with her once she’s asleep for the night. I sigh,

“Isn’t she great?”

“Yeah, she definitely has her own persona.”

She does and it’s apparent she’s extra related to Captain.

The two of them are very happy doing any number of activities that I have no desire for or can’t even comprehend the enjoyment. As a kid Captain loved lining up his toy cars. He walks into the house after work and BB shouts,

“Daddy, lets line up my doggies!”

They both love legos and both prefer the process to the finished product. They spend half an hour building something for BB to declare,

“Let’s knock it down and do it again!” And they do.

She loves puzzles. Arts and crafts are something I was confronted with my entire childhood, but puzzles were pretty easy to avoid. Until now.

We’re lucky she has a lot of puzzles. And in theory I come down on the side of encouraging her to do whatever she’d like to do. Which means, she wants to do a puzzle? Great! She wants me to do a puzzle? I’ll be hiding in the bathroom until she finds me and dumps the puzzle all over the bathroom floor.

I could suck it up and do one puzzle, glue it together and never do it again. The thing is the minute the puzzle is done BB sends the pieces flying and shouts with glee,

“Let’s do it again!”

Shoot me now.

The good news is Captain is a puzzle fan too. I’m still waiting to see what BB got from me aside from both of us liking to eat lemons.

So if at all possible, when BB begs for me to do a puzzle, I pawn it off,

“Daddy will do one with you when he gets home.”

The minute he walks in the door she explodes,

“DADDY PUZZLE TIME! You’re better at it.”

She has taken to telling us which tasks we’re better at. Captain is better at puzzles and tubby time. If Captain even attempts to sing, BB is quick to remind him that my rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is bar none.

And it’s clear that BB has her own sense of personhood. I told her, as I’ve told her many times,

“You have two choices…”

“No. Those are mommy choices, those are not my choices.”


A puzzle competition! They’re a thing.

2 thoughts on “Puzzle me this, just please don’t make me do it

  1. I love this! Kids are the best when they really start to become their own people. It’s so much fun seeing what parts of each parent they take on and sometimes they take on something that seems so out of left field until you look at someone in your family and go, “ooooh there it is.” My niece is so unlike her parents in some big ways, but she’s just like me and it drives my brother crazy!


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