Potty training continues

We’re potty training for real this time. A month ago BB announced at the dinner table,

“I’m going to pee.”

I’m assuming she did. She was still in a diaper and I didn’t really give it a second thought. Until it dawned on me. It’s probably time.

Before our vacation I told her,

“No more diapers after ski vacation.”

She looks me straight in the face and replies,

“No more diapers and no potty.”

That’s not right.

We get home from vacation mid-afternoon. I had planned to start the next day. BB declares,

“No more diapers!”

I guess we’re really doing this. Again.

Aside from a couple accidents, she’s peed in the potty every time. She’s even peed for other people at the Y when I’m not there.

But that’s only part of it, isn’t it? Then there’s poop. Oh poop. And it is not going in the potty. It is occasionally going in a diaper. It is mostly going in her underwear. She has ZERO desire to poop in the potty.

Coincidentally we’re in the process of getting our septic tank pumped and BB is fascinated by the fact that there’s a tank in our backyard full of poop. I keep reminding her that if she wants her poop to go in the backyard tank, she needs to put it in the potty. That has not been incentive enough.

Captain dug a hole down to the top of the tank and today BB declared,

“There’s the poop hole!”

We are officially a third potty trained. We’re not even thinking about attempting nighttime. She can go off to college wearing an overnight diaper for all I care about that right now.

Part of that problem is that when I weaned her from breastfeeding at 20 months, I weaned her onto a sippy cup of milk. Then I proceeded to water down the milk everyday until now she goes to bed with a sippy cup of water. She is ATTACHED to her water cup. Not as attached as she is to her bunny. But there will be screaming in the middle of the night if it’s nowhere to be found. How can I expect a water chugging toddler to potty train overnight?

BB has insisted on complete privacy. She goes in. SLAMS the door. And screams bloody murder if you try to enter before she tells you to. Part of her process is that it is very important to her to be the one to pour her pee from her little potty into our big potty. So while she is not having accidents per se, I continue to clean up a large amount of pee off of multiple bathroom surfaces.

We’re peeing in the potty. That part is a success. And I can’t remember the last time she let me go to the bathroom by myself, but it must be nice for her.


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