My pregnancy bump photo – it’s not a food baby

18 weeks pregnant. I’m eating more foods. I’ve introduced a third type of cereal. I’m pooping on the regularish. And I can feel the person inside me move!

There’s proof that this might be real. I’d love to know what’s going through the Blurry Blob’s brain. Is it enjoying itself? Does it wish I’d stop trying sleep on my stomach? Every night I’m still confirming that being on my stomach is an uncomfortable position.

Only two more weeks until our next ultrasound and the Blurry Blob may no longer be an it. It’ll save me time, because I’ve been virtual window shopping for both scenarios.

I’m not obviously pregnant. There’s been an overall thickening, in case I wanted a bigger butt. I do want a bump. I walk around rubbing my belly and to everyone else I might as well have a bad case of indigestion.

I’m off to my prenatal yoga class. Blurry Blob is coming too.

Pregnant, before and 17 weeks

Jeans barely pull up. I was in the bedroom trying to put them on and Captain yells in from the other room, “Are you ok?!” “Yeah, why?” “You’re making painful groaning sounds.”