Was the trip a success? Yes, minus a few major malfunctions

We made it to DC and back! AND had a great time. It took what felt like a herculean effort, but was worth it. All we missed at home was Captain, 2 yoga classes, one zumba class, one playgroup, one library story time, one therapy session and an immense amount of sleep.

It IS possible to travel carry-on only, including BB’s giant, bunny sleeping bag. A surprising number of people offered to help me drag my luggage through the airport. I turned everyone down because I was managing and also because I could’ve checked something if I’d really wanted to.

I got us to the airport 3 hours early because I was terrified of how long it would take me to get through security. I had one rolling bag, two shoulder bags, one backpack, one stroller and one toddler.

I can’t remember the last time I went through security without getting pulled aside for extra screening. This time they waved us right through. We must’ve looked like it would be more of a hassle to keep us hanging around then to send us on our way.

I love our light weight stroller. The only time it proved to be insufficient was when BB was insisting on dashing away from me. I strapped her in the stroller, at which point she started whipping all 28 pounds of herself back and forth, full-body tantrum style. The stroller was about to be knocked over entirely when my hot tea that was in the cup holder sprayed everywhere. BB sat in shock contemplating what must’ve been painful tea splatters all over her.

I got her into the sling. Yes, the same sling she spent the entire first year of her life in. She still fits, ish. But more importantly, she still loves it. As her eyelids closed she told me,

“I’m not sleepy.”

“I know.”

Then she was snoring and I was drinking what was left of my tea.

BB enjoyed her window seat. And I enjoyed having two seats worth of leg room. On the way there BB was the ONLY person under 18. And the only person on the plane sneezing and coughing without covering. I’m sorry to anyone we gave our cold to. It’s a nasty one.

BB still hasn’t figured out how to blow her nose which led up to an ear infection mid-week. The urgent care office we went to gave us a Minnie Mouse nightlight, so now BB can’t say enough good things about going to the doctor.

This is BB’s first time taking amoxicillin, aka the pink stuff. I LOVE the pink stuff. I mean that. I would still get it in liquid form if I needed to take it. I’m so excited for BB to try it. She is not impressed. I stare at her,

“You don’t like it? It’s the pink stuff. Everyone loves the pink stuff.”

“No medicine. I went to the doctor, I’m all better.”

I wish it worked like that. I have an epiphany, I tell BB that if she drinks the pink stuff she’ll turn into Pinkalicious, one of her favorite characters. She slurps it right down.


That’s what I thought.

My dear friend has 4 kids and a fenced in backyard. I can’t say enough good things about the fence. Kids can be outside and we can be inside. So peaceful, until I go hurtling for the tree house as BB contemplates descending down a rope.

I borrow my friend’s car to drive to the pharmacy with BB. We FaceTime with Captain, he exclaims,

“Are you driving a minivan?!”

“Yes. Yes I am.” It’s the car I should’ve bought if my ego didn’t insist on a SUV.

It was a successful weeklong playdate. And with the help of a babysitter, we even snuck in a pedicure.

On our return flight there was a woman flying by herself with 4 kids: ages 6 months through 6 years. She made me feel like anything is possible, as long as you check some luggage.

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