Sesame Street Live with the big ol’ five-year-olds, here we come

Happy New Year!

After wallowing in a low point over the holidays, I feel like I’m picking myself back up. The end of last year sucked pretty hard, but not for all of us. BB decided December was a very good month. She keeps asking,

“More presents?”

I made the mistake of saying,

“Not until your birthday.”

So then she started asking,

“Is it my birthday?”

“Not until the Summer.” And we talked through the four seasons.

“Is it my birthday?”

“Not until July, in the Summer.” And we talked through the months.

There’s a kid song about months. It has proved helpful for dancing, but not as helpful for understanding that her birthday isn’t tomorrow.

BB asks about her birthday again. I ask her,

“Can you say the months?”

She looks at me and gives me the biggest eye roll I’ve ever seen. And if I doubted for a second that she rolled her eyes at me, my mom was there and said,

“I saw that. She rolled her eyes at you.”

Great. So that’s where we’re at with the 2-year-old attitude. On one hand it’s a lot quieter than a tantrum. On the other hand, what is she going to do when she’s 13?!

She tells my mom,

“I need a guitar please.”

We head to the attic. I had a toy guitar at one point so it’s up there somewhere. Everything is up there somewhere.

We find it and BB is overjoyed. Her big cousin got one for Christmas and since then it’s been a must-have that I told her she could wait for July for.

Over dinner I mention to Captain that BB might like to go to a concert. BB pipes up,


“Yeah a show where people play music, like on a guitar and sing.”

“I want to go!”

We do a quick search and there it is: Sesame Street Live is coming to Boston in April. BB’s eyes open wide,

“Big Bird singing and dancing?”




“Abby Dabby?”


“I want to dance with Big Bird!”

“We will!”

BB is exploding from her booster seat with excitement. She shouts,

“Let’s go!”

“In April.”

SIGH. Here we go again.

We get BB to bed despite her wanting to go to a concert immediately and I browse Ticketmaster. I’m torn between the Saturday morning show and the Friday evening one. I debate it with Captain. We’re leaning toward Friday evening. Captain says,

“My only concern with Friday night is that it’ll be an older crowd.”

“It’s Sesame Street Live.”


Clearly from the 90’s