Hi! Good to see you! Unless I’ve never seen you before

I’m learning the hard way that some regulars do not want to be recognized.

A regular comes to the bar with a date. I say hi and ask her,

“Would you like a chardonnay?”

She looks startled.

“I would like… a chardonnay.”

When I return she asks me,

“Did you used to work next door? Is that where I know you from?”

“I’ve worked here for almost three years. I think you know me from here. I saw you last week.”

She gives me a death stare. OOOPS.

The guy she’s with says,

“So this is your regular spot?”

Another regular comes in with a first date. I’m not going to screw this up again. I go over and pretend I’ve never seen him before in my life,

“Hi, how are you? Can I get you something to drink?”

He looks at me like I’m crazy,

“Jess! I’ll take my regular martini.”

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