Swingers party Groupons. That’s MY great idea

I went skiing again!

We get to the hotel Friday night with time for a drink. I’m chatting with the people I met on the last trip. A guy from our bus, who I haven’t met yet, joins us. Within moments of sitting down he says,

“So I went to a swingers party the other night.”

Did we find out this guy’s name yet? We all chorus,

“What? Really?”

“Yeah it was at the Marriott.”

“How’d you find it?”

“On Meetup-“

“-Meetup has swingers groups?”

“No, I met a woman on Meetup who took me. It’s cheaper that way. Forty dollars for a couple, but a hundred dollars for a single guy.”

Did he even try looking for a Groupon? He continues,

“And I went on a singles cruise with couples massages.”

“So a couples massage with another single person?”

“Yes, that’s actually who took me to the swingers party.”

“Was the party a success?”

“Yes. Twice.”

The next day in the hot tub, we run into him again. He says,

“I’m not as crazy as I sounded yesterday.”

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