Where’s my bathing suit? I need to play in the snow

Life has returned to normal despite three feet of snow. I know this because I saw people on bikes yesterday. Pedal bikes. The sidewalks still aren’t shoveled and I can’t make a snowman on my front lawn because there’s too much snow, but Camberville people are back on their bikes.

My landlady reprimands me,

“I thought you were going to make a snowman.”

I stare at the 8 foot pile of snow in our front yard.

“There’s too much snow!”

Also when did the entire dog population start needing shoes? I’ll give the small dogs a pass. They’ve been dressing up and going in purses for years. But Golden Retrievers? Labradors?

This is my Lab Booker below. He’s barefoot:

It was nice of my mom to shovel that path for him.
And last but not least, it gets hot shoveling. So hot that you may need to wear your bathing suit. 
Normally I’m lazy and find my crazy photos on Google, but I did the hard work yesterday and I took a photo. This was the scene on Beech St. in Cambridge:

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